The Train Compartment is one of five scenarios in the game. It involves two people arguing over a train seat.

Dialogue Edit

Interlocutor 1: "Excuse me, I believe this is my seat..."

Interlocutor 2: "Your seat?? Does it have your name on it?!"

Interlocutor 1: "I don't think so, but I have a ticket."

Interlocutor 2: "First class, eh? You don't look like a first class to me!"

If interlocutor 1 wins:

Interlocutor 2: "So now you know, I'm not a first class myself. I wanted to see how it felt, and it was definitely worth it!"

Interlocutor 1: "Oh, forget it. I won't sit where your filthy bottom was."

If interlocutor 2 wins:

Interlocutor 2: "See? You're too much of a commoner to sit here."

Interlocutor 1: "You're right, it's not my ticket anyway. I literally murdered for it, but it wasn't worth it after all."

Terms exclusive to this scenario Edit

The following terms can only be used in this scenario:

  • This train
  • Your seat
  • [is/are] where you can sit
  • sit(s) next to
  • will murder for a seat reservation
  • so go back to your seat!

Trivia Edit

The Postal Dude is weak to "will murder for reservation "

This map ties into By The Lake The characters murdered the poor man for his train ticket