The Pet Shop is one of five scenarios in the game. It involves two people arguing over a dead parrot.

Dialogue Edit

Interlocutor 1: "I wish to complain about this parrot I purchased."

Interlocutor 2: "The Norwegian Blue...what's wrong with it?"

Interlocutor 1: "It's dead, that's what's wrong with it!"

Interlocutor 2: "No, no...he's resting."

If interlocutor 1 wins:

Interlocutor 1: "Will you replace the bloody parrot now?!"

Interlocutor 2: "All right, I will. I have plenty of them in the box."

Interlocutor 1: "I want a live one, or I'll be back to complain."

If interlocutor 2 wins:

Interlocutor 2: "You are clearly not a parrot expert. I can assure you I am qualified to assess his mood."

Interlocutor 1: "I'm sorry. You were right all along. He was probably just pining for the fjords."

Terms exclusive to this scenario Edit

The following terms can only be used in this scenario:

  • A dead parrot
  • All of those animals
  • This bloody pet shop
  • This parrot
  • Belong(s) in one of those cages

Trivia Edit

  • This scenario is a reference to the infamous Dead Parrot Sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • You can deal heavy damage to your opponent with the phrase "This parrot is no more!" or "This parrot is stone dead!"
  • The parrot is in fact alive as it moves when the turns switch.