Margaret Oldershaw, better known as Mrs Maggie, is one of the three starting characters in Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator, alongside Mr J. Shufflebottom and Sir Knight.


"You can call me Mrs Maggie, love."

Bio Edit

She's seen things you people wouldn't believe. She fought wars, flirted with two presidents, composed a score for a naughty film, owned an arcade and got stoned at the 20th anniversary of her menopause. For ten years she was in a gang, and just recently retired. All those moments will be lost in time, like Time to kick the bucket.

Weakness Edit

Mrs Maggie's days are numbered, and is sensitive to terms related to age and death, such as:

  • [Is/Are] an old bugger
  • [Is/Are] deceased
  • [Is/Are] no more
  • [Is/Are] old
  • [Is/Are] stone dead
  • Tell(s) dirty jokes at funerals
  • Will soon kick the bucket
  • Just call me Doctor Euthanasia!

Unique insults Edit

  • Defenseless young men
  • The Hell's Grannies Gang
  • [Has/Have] no life experience
  • [Has/Have] not finished puberty
  • Because you are a spoiled brat!
  • So you know, well, innit, eh?!
  • Young man!

Trivia Edit

Ms. Maggie is the only female character

Ms, Maggie is voiced by a guy who also did the voice for Sir, Knight, and Albert.