"Oh, hi there! It's John Shufflebottom here."

John Shufflebottom, stylized as Mr J. Shufflebottom, is one of the three starting characters along with Sir Knight and Mrs Maggie in Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator.


John is a British chap. This might be a sufficient description, but it'd upset poor John because he aspires to be so much more! In his mind he's a true gentleman and a men's fashion expert. He really thinks that his sartorial column in Enfield Today makes him one. But at least he smells nice, brushes his teeth and can throw on obscured loval invective. As befits a British chap.


John is very sensitive about his style, and will be offended if it's berated. Here are a list of terms that will affect him:

  • your sense of style
  • your hat
  • a cheap suit
  • homeless man's socks
  • wear(s) second-hand clothes
  • put(s) on granny's clothing
  • can't tie a tie
  • have/has worse hair than

Unique Insults Edit

  • a cider-drinking chav
  • a lazy old codger
  • [is/are] minging
  • cockwomble!
  • you cheeky bastard!
  • you cheeky bint!
  • you numpty!
  • you pillock!
  • you posh fopdoodle!

Trivia Edit

  • Shufflebottom and Albert are tied for most character specific endings out of all the other characters.
  • Shufflebottom has the least amount of character specific verbs out of all the characters.
  • Shufflebottom guides you through the tutorial in a map exclusive to the tutorial. The version of Shufflebottom seen in the tutorial is not playable.
  • Almost every subject Shufflebottom says is said with british class and elegance.