"я гриша, ну погоди." (ya grisha, nu pogodi) [I'm Grisha, well, wait]

Grisha Olegovich Kovenko (Гриша Олегович Ковенко), known simply as Grisha, is an unlockable character in Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator. He can be unlocked by completing Tournament Mode with two different characters.

Bio Edit

Real name: Greg Peck, the 21st child in a simple catholic family from Whitechapel, London. He has been under the loving care of his Russian nanny since his birth, which in his teenage years made him develop a severe case of Russophilia. Now, as a grown up man, he's convinced he has fully transformed into a true Russian and obviously doesn't like talking about his upbringing. Even though he still lives in London, selling tapes of imported Russian cartoons.

Weakness Edit

Believing that he is a real Russian, Grisha does not like his lack of Russian origin being discussed, and is sensitive to terms such as:

  • Stalin's jockstrap
  • The communists
  • Your country
  • [Was/Were] born in
  • [Is/Are] not a part of Europe
  • [Is/Are] an uneducated nincompoop
  • Never partied in Moscow
  • Like a minging peasant!
  • You commoner!
  • You ginger!

Unique insults Edit

  • Vodka
  • Drunk with
  • Can't hold liquor
  • Never partied in Moscow
  • Vomit(s) after drinking vodka
  • I ya znayu, chto ty shpion! (и я знаю, что ты шпион!) [And I know you're a spy!]
  • Tovarishch! (товарищ!) [Comrade]

Trivia Edit

  • All of Grisha's exclusives are about Russia or involve something russian (or stereotyped to Russians).
  • Grisha is the only character who can speak a different language
  • He has the least amount of exclusives of any character
  • He's one of three characters weak to at least one of their own exclusive phrases, the others being Lo Wang and Albert.
  • Grisha is weak to Alberts ending phrase "you ginger" despite not having red or orange hair.