"I am your father."

Father is an unlockable character in the game. He can be unlocked by completing Tournament Mode with five different characters, serving as the final opponent in the same mode. He has more health than other characters, at 150% HP.

Bio Edit

On the first day God created a parrot. And it was dead. On the second day he went to a game jam and created a game about the parrot. And it was good. On the third day he decided to give the game to the people for free. And they played it and they were entertained. Noticing that, on the fourth day God said: "Oh my God! People are playing my game!". So on the fifth day he created a premium remake of the game. And it was even better. Lord giveth, Lord earneth. After that God took two days off. And it was a good time.

Weakness Edit

Father does not like the subject of family, which is a very common topic to be brought up, and is offended by terms such as:

  • Your beloved auntie
  • Your father
  • Your husband
  • Your mother
  • Your sister
  • Your son
  • Your wife
  • Kebab made of your mother

Unique insults Edit

  • Can not buy a Stairway to Heaven
  • [Is/Are] not my creation
  • [Is/Are] sinful
  • Will be damned for eternity
  • And I damn you!
  • And I don't love you!
  • Because I don't exist!
  • You pitiful mortal!

Trivia Edit

  • Father is a clear reference to real-life actor Morgan Freeman, who is commonly jokingly refered to as 'The Voice of God' due to his heavily deep & usually calming voice. Freeman also played God in the films Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty
  • Ironically, in real life, Morgan Freeman is non-religious.
  • The insult 'Can not buy a Stairway to heaven' is a reference to the Led Zepplin song of the same name.
  • His weakness to family matters is a reference to The Bible, as it is claimed that Jesus of Nazareth, also known as Jesus Christ & Yeshua, is the son of god himself & his death by crucifixion freed humanity from eternal damnation.